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Welcome to Oregon Outback Honey
We welcome you to the home of the honey makers! We take great pride in our bees and in return, they give us some of the best stuff found on earth! Thank you for visiting.
Oregon Outback Bee Balm
Oregon Outback Honey
The honey is delicious. The process is simple. The bees are happy. We produce many different varieties of honey which is of the highest quality and of superior taste. Oregon Outback Honey is small company with big aspirations, therefore the honey is unprocessed and 100% pure and raw and bursting with flavor.
Our BeeBalm is 100% natural. No water. No chemicals. No fillers. Only the purest ingredients. The beeswax is combined with healing ingredients and essential oils to treat all skin types in order to achieve a healthy, nourished, and youthful glow.
Nature's Sweetest Gift
Oregon Outback Honey is made of Raw, premium honey provided nautrally from Oregon's backyard! We aim to prodvide the highest of quality ingredients while maintaining important ethical practices to support wildlife in their endangered state.  We love our bees and treat them with the respect they deserve! 

Honey is derived from the Willammette Valley and Christmas Valley where bees roam freely and happily provide natures sweetest gift.
Honey is naturally sweet, but what makes Oregon Outback that much sweeter? The care and attention to detail that Oregon Outback exercises in the production of it’s products. Oregon Outback honey is raw, premium honey provided naturally from Oregon’s backyard. Not only is it tasty, but it’s honey you can feel great about using because we maintain important humane practices to keep happy, healthy bees, who in turn happily provide nature’s sweetest gift!
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