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About Us

Established in 2010 by Mike and Tanya Rudometkin, Oregon Outback Honey is a small company with big aspirations. We produce exceptional and quality products with consistency and integrity, which encompasses not only which processes we use to create our products, but also how we extract our honey and care for our bees and the environment surrounding them.

Our apiary is located in the rugged high desert terrain of Christmas Valley, which truly resembles the Outback. The busy bees begin to pollinate almond trees in February, and then through the spring they are moved to Oregon’s Willamette Valley to pollinate cherry, apple, and pear trees, as well as blackberries, white clover, and wildflowers such as our high desert Rabbitbrush wildflower. July beckons the bees back home to the Christmas Valley, Oregon Outback Honey’s homebase. The bees are happy with all of the sweet nectar they are supplied with, and the wonderful places they can spread their wings to fly. The premium honey that our bees produce is then cold extracted from the comb/hive(?) and only filtered to remove large bee parts and wax. There is no processing, heating, or chemicals, the honey is never treated, and nothing is ever added--it’s 100% nature made.